FERC report on Feb power loss in Texas long on the WOKE

FERC report on Feb power loss in Texas long on the WOKE

Postby dan_s » Tue Nov 23, 2021 10:59 am

Forbes: FERC Report On Texas Grid Ignores The Elephant In The Living Room

Jason Modglin, President of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers expressed frustration at the news media’s coverage of the report, saying “The headlines don’t match the actual report.”

Modglin noted that FERC’s report is long and contains a great deal of valuable information that Texas regulators should take into account as they continue their development of suggested and mandated solutions. “Unfortunately, it has been packaged in a way to throw oil and natural gas producers under the bus in an attempt to mandate operators maintain 100% of flows during an event – disregarding employee safety, environmental protection and the myriad of other issues (loss of power, roads, pipeline interruption, voluntary shut-in) beyond the 16.2% freezing equipment leading to natural gas production loss,” he added.

“The data from Winter Storm Uri is clear – natural gas ramped up to meet demand in a way no other resource could,” Longanecker said. “If not for the flexibility of natural gas-powered generation, the effects of the storm could have been far worse. What we need is more – not less – natural gas supply to meet growing, and at times unexpected, demand.”

READ MORE: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidblackmon/2021/11/21/ferc-report-on-texas-grid-ignores-the-elephant-in-the-living-room/?sh=64709568674b
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