Updates: AR, AM, EPM and MMP

Updates: AR, AM, EPM and MMP

Postby dan_s » Fri Feb 14, 2020 6:39 pm

I've updated the forecast models all of the Sweet 16, AR, AM, EPM and MMP, breaking out 2020 by quarter and adding my initial forecast for 2021. I will update the models for MPLX and PAA on Saturday.

All of the forecast models are macro driven Excel spreadsheets. You can download them and change the assumptions at the bottom if you wish. I am now assuming that WTI averages $57/bbl and HH natural gas averages $1.80/mcf this year.

Later this year ngas and NGL prices should improve. Watch the replay of the Aegis Energy Webinar to see why. The link can be found under The View From Houston tab here in the Forum.

My podcast will be posted to the EPG website on Saturday.

I was interviewed on Jim Publava's Financial Sense show today. I will post the link early next week.
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