Venezuela: The people need our prayers

Venezuela: The people need our prayers

Postby dan_s » Mon Nov 26, 2018 3:03 pm

"These are the wages of socialism taken to their unfortunate but virtually inevitable conclusion. Members of the ruling socialist party do well enough for themselves, but their greed and corruption have bled the country dry. People fight over spoiled meat in the few markets where there’s any meat to be found. Mothers give their babies up in the hope that someone will feed them. Keep all this in mind next time you hear someone talking about being tempted by the promises of Bernie Sanders and all of the new breed of socialists here in the United States."

Gasoline is now 1 cent per gallon in Venezuela, but no one can afford it.


Venezuela is soon going to default on some important debt that will make them loose Citgo.

Watch is video:
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