Daily attack on oil & Ng industry

Daily attack on oil & Ng industry

Postby Fraser921 » Wed Nov 17, 2021 10:29 am


San Diego bans NG

Under the draft 2021 plan, natural gas would be banned in building construction starting in 2023, with an all-electric requirement in place at new residential and commercial developments.

The city also plans to develop a roadmap to achieve decarbonization of existing buildings. The target would phase out 45% of natural gas in existing buildings by 2030. In 2035, the city is planning to phase out 90% of natural gas use in existing buildings.

The plan would also phase out natural gas in 100% of municipal buildings by 2035. The California Air Resources Board has said that buildings account for one-quarter of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions.

In August, the California Energy Commission (CEC) proposed limiting the use of natural gas in new and remodeled buildings beginning in 2023. At least 40 California cities already have adopted building codes with CEC approval that limit gas hookups in new construction.

San Diego-based Sempra gas utilities Southern California Gas Co. and San Diego Gas and Electric Co. have established net zero goals and have committed to decarbonization.
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