December Weather Forecast now looking very bullish for ngas

December Weather Forecast now looking very bullish for ngas

Postby dan_s » Thu Dec 01, 2022 4:49 pm

December Temperature Outlook Trends Colder From Great Lakes To Northern Plains

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A​n area from Michigan, northern Illinois and northwest Ohio to eastern Montana now has an increased likelihood of seeing below-average temperatures in the month ahead. Keep in mind this is an outlook for the month as a whole, and that periods of milder temperatures will happen at times.

E​lsewhere, odds are tilted toward December being colder than average in much of the Northeast to as far south as the Tennessee Valley, northern Georgia and North Carolina. < Raising demand for heating oil

T​he Southwest still has the greatest chance to see temperatures that are above average for December in the new update. < SW has the least demand for natural gas.
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