September 18 Webinar

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September 18 Webinar

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Today we set up our September webinar and I'm pleased to announce that Don Simmons, President and CEO of Hemisphere Energy (HME.V and HMENF) will be updating us on how well the Company is doing and their future growth plans. I've known Don for over five years. He has an experienced team that knows how to survive and thrive even in tough times.

Hemisphere is in our Small-Cap Growth Portfolio and I believe it has a lot of upside for us. Despite the decline in oil prices, Hemisphere is generating a lot of free cash flow from operations this year and the Company is on-track for a very profitable second half of the year. Based on cash flow from operations, Q3 2020 could be one of the top three quarters in the Company's history.

My updated forecast/valuation model for the Company has been posted to the EPG website.

First Call's Price Target is $0.53Cdn and HME.V closed today at $0.125Cdn. My valuation is on the updated forecast.

Webinar Details: Friday, September 18th, at 11:00am CT:

Don Simmons, the President and CEO of Hemisphere Energy, will be presenting
After his presentation we will open the floor for questions
Go HERE to register: ... 7nsqQfttHQ for more details and to register today!

More About Hemisphere:

Hemisphere Energy Corporation is a Canadian oil and gas company with production operations in Alberta. The Company is focused on increasing oil production and reserves. Hemisphere’s experienced team is dedicated to creating shareholder value through executing strategic acquisitions and farm-ins that provide low-risk drilling opportunities. Hemisphere’s core operations are in the Jenner and Atlee Buffalo areas in southeast Alberta. 100% of the Company's production is crude oil.
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Dan Steffens
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