We need more of Tulsi Gabbard

We need more of Tulsi Gabbard

Postby dan_s » Tue Apr 27, 2021 5:59 pm

Tulsi Gabbard has called for stopping “the racialization of everyone and everything.”
Former Democratic presidential candidate, on Twitter, April 25

“My dear friends, my fellow Americans, please, please let us stop the racialization of everyone and everything. It’s racialism. We are all children of God, and are therefore family in the truest sense. No matter our race or ethnicity, this is Aloha. And this is what our country and the world need. The mainstream propaganda media and politicians they want us to constantly focus on our skin color, and the skin color of others, because it helps them politically or financially. Aloha means respect and love for others. It’s what enables us to see beyond our skin color, and see the soul, the person within. So let’s do our best, to cultivate this Aloha in our hearts, and see and treat others through this prism of love, not through the prism of race and ethnicity. Please let us not allow ourselves to be led down this dark and divisive path of racialism and hate.”
MY TAKE: I cannot believe that 100% of Democrats are ready to go down the path to "Socialism". We need more "Tulsi Gabbard" to stop the HATE. I am 67 and I've seen racism. In my "real world" I do not see it. Anyone that thinks Socialism works needs to got to Cuba or Venezuela. I have been to Venezuela and it is "Hell" for 90% of the population there.
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