Update on the Border Crisis in South Texas - April 29

Update on the Border Crisis in South Texas - April 29

Postby dan_s » Wed Apr 28, 2021 8:44 am

Subject: First Hand Info On Our Border Crisis

If you'd like to see and hear "where the rubber meets the pavement" on the current Border Crisis in Texas pull up this link to a YouTube video associated with the Goliad County, Texas Sheriff's Office.


This site contains two videos -- one is a recording of a Landowners Meeting held last Thursday in Weesatche, Texas. The other is a general video about the Border Crisis problem.

While Goliad, Tx is not on the border itself it is right in the middle of the route the smugglers and cartels are using, in their human trafficking operation, to move illegals from the border to the Houston area. A good friend of mine who lives in Ft Worth drove down to Goliad Monday to check on several tracts of land he owns and told me about this information found on the Goliad Sheriff's Office site.
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