Margin calls

Margin calls

Postby Fraser921 » Wed Sep 07, 2022 4:57 pm

maybe someone is liquidating

European Energy Trading Facing $1.5T in Margin Calls

There is a slew of news coming out of the European Union this week that is painting a grim picture for the continent. Equinor reported that the European energy trading complex is facing margin calls of at least $1.5 trillion amid the energy crisis, straining governments to help with liquidity. Finland went so far as to warn of a "Lehman Brothers" moment as firms faced cash shortages to support their trades.

Germany is one nation already stepping in to assist with liquidity, as they have made $7 billion in loans available for firms like Uniper. Finland and Sweden also announced a $33 billion emergency liquidity facility last weekend to backstop their utility firms. Other ideas being discussed are credit lines from the European Central Bank, new products to serve as margin collateral and a temporary suspension of derivatives markets.
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Re: Margin calls

Postby dan_s » Thu Sep 08, 2022 7:05 pm

Keep printing worthless paper money. "Europe is Toast".
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