Lies about EVs - Sept 21

Lies about EVs - Sept 21

Postby dan_s » Wed Sep 21, 2022 11:09 am

"This tells you something about the true nature of the “crisis” – and those who say it is one. If a ship on the open sea has sprung a leak and is sinking, do you open more holes below the waterline?"

Increasing the percentage of vehicles that are EVs may actually make pollution worse.

Read this:

At yesterday's EPG luncheon a man at my table made the case that if 100% of the cars in the U.S. were suddenly EVs, it would only reduce CO2 emissions in the world by 0.3%. The pollution created by surface mining to produce the materials to make all of those EVs will increase global CO2 by much more.

I won't believe anything the Climate Wackos say until they take away John Kerry's private jet.
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