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Brave ceo

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Troim won a week of headlines by standing up in a crowded conference room to declare that the ESG police have gone too far and that he, as a confessing “hydrocarbonist”, was not content to take it anymore.

“I am tired as shit of ESG policy, which in part is to blame for today’s energy crisis,” he told a financial conference sponsored by investment banker Pareto Securities, as cited by Norwegian business daily Finansavisen.

Troim’s colourful expression of fatigue may have caused the reaction it did in part because it came when the Norwegian tycoon class and its bitter struggle for survival was already in the headlines.
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Re: Brave ceo

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There will be riots across Europe in response to soaring electricity bills and home heating fuel shortages. The people of Europe will demand that their countries withdraw from the Climate Change, Woke Madness and the Paris Climate Accord.
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