Russia's Oil & Gas Industry is in big trouble

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Russia's Oil & Gas Industry is in big trouble

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Watch this 30 minute interview:

The impact of the war on Russia's oil & gas industry near the last 10 minutes. My Take is that the damage being done to the Russian oil industry by the large-caps like BP and Shell pulling out of Russia will make it difficult if not impossible for them to get oil & gas production back to pre-war levels. Without Russian oil, OPEC+ will have very little chance of increasing the world's oil supply.
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Re: Russia's Oil & Gas Industry is in big trouble

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Portion of article:

Russia Halts Pipeline Flows To Poland While Shifting Crude To Germany
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MONDAY, FEB 27, 2023 - 02:05 PM
Russian oil pipeline company Transneft shifted oil flows from Kazakhstan to Germany via the Druzhba pipeline that runs through Poland while shipments to Poland were halted, according to Reuters, citing at least one Russian news agency.

TASS news reported Polish customers were unable to receive Russian oil because Transneft didn't receive paperwork and transit payment in late February.

"(Oil) should have been pumped to Polish refineries in the second half of February."

"However, routing orders with confirmed resource and transit payment were not executed.

"In addition, operational changes were made to the schedule, excluding supplies for Polish consumers," a spokesperson for the pipeline operator said.

On Monday, Kazakhstan oil pipeline operator KazTransOil said about 20,000 tons of crude was pumped to Germany via Russia's Druzhba pipeline. Kazakhstan is a landlocked country that relies on Russia to export energy products that aren't subjected to Western sanctions.

The northern leg of Druzhba supplies crude to Germany, while the southern portion supplies Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.
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