gassers down hard

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gassers down hard

Post by Fraser921 »

bottom 3, all down 3.5 %

crk > back to single digits 9.73
ar > needs higher prices 21.75
rrc > help, I can't get up 28.32

Ng down 3.9 %
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Re: gassers down hard

Post by ChuckGeb »

The bookends of holiday weekends are a not usually a good gauge of the overall market. i look for opportunities to cautiously add.
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Re: gassers down hard

Post by dan_s »

May is the month when demand for U.S. natural gas is the lowest. When Global Warming arrives, the price of natural gas will go up.

I believe in "Climate the Same".

BTW today is the final day of trading for the JUN23 NYMEX contract for HH gas. All of the "paper traders" must close their positions today and more of them are long than short. Therefore, the paper traders must discount their asking prices to get utilities to take the contracts and take physical delivery of the gas.
Dan Steffens
Energy Prospectus Group
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