Global Warming Update

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Global Warming Update

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"A new study published in the scientific journal, Climate, and peer-reviewed by 37 researchers from 18 countries suggests that current estimates of global warming are contaminated by urban warming biases. The study also suggests that the solar activity estimates considered in the most recent reports by the UN’s IPCC likely underestimated the role of the sun in global warming since the 19th century. It is well-known that cities are warmer than the surrounding countryside. While urban areas only account for less than 4% of the global land surface, many of the weather stations used for calculating global temperatures are located in urban areas. For this reason, some scientists have been concerned that the current global warming estimates may have been contaminated by urban heat island effects. In their latest report, the IPCC estimated that urban warming accounted for less than 10% of global warming. However, this new study suggests that urban warming might account for up to 40% of the warming since 1850."

I'm no scientist, but I guessed that the big bright spot in the sky each day has a lot more to do with the Earth Climate than CO2 does.

The Big Paradigm Shift: "According to David Blackmon, “there has been a very noticeable shift in the overarching narrative related to the energy transition that has taken place since January. That obviously intentional shift, well-coordinated with ever-cooperative legacy media platforms, has essentially ended the original narrative and replaced it with a new, less rosy one… This new narrative now tacitly admits the chosen alternatives won’t work as promised, but tells us we must accept them to “save the planet,” while also accepting we will have to live smaller, less mobile lives with far lower standards of living and endure not just the higher costs for energy, but all manner of additional deprivations as well.”

MY TAKE: People will not accept a lower standard of living of living unless force to at gun point.
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UK Renewable Auction Fails To Attract A Single Offshore Wind Bid

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Despite the fact that a record number of renewable energy capacity projects were awarded government funding in the UK’s latest clean energy auction, not a single offshore wind bid featured in the tender in another blow to Britain’s offshore wind ambitions.

A record number of 95 onshore wind, solar, and tidal stream projects in Scotland, England, and Wales won allocations in the fifth Contracts for Difference (CfD) round, for a total of 3.7 gigawatts (GW) of future renewable energy capacity.
“While offshore and floating offshore wind do not feature in this year’s allocation, this is in line with similar results in countries including Germany and Spain, as a result of the global rise in inflation and the impact on supply chains which presented challenges for projects participating in this round,” the UK government said.

More at the link.
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