From Energy Absurdity

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From Energy Absurdity

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The subject of this story comes from a piece published by Biden Administration hugging NPR, aka, DNC radio. The story chronicles the NPR writer’s experience of riding along with the Energy Secretary as she barnstorms along the East Coast in a caravan of fancy EVs, making political stops along the way to advertise the destructive Biden energy policies she’s helping to implement. You know, stuff like taking away your gas stoves and dishwashers and air conditioners and water heaters. Genius stuff like that.

The focus of this tour is of course Biden’s efforts to take away your gas powered car and force you to replace it with an EV you cannot afford. Or, as it should more accurately be described, the Biden effort to force about 85% of you to stop driving entirely. Because that’s the real end goal of all this, and anyone claiming otherwise does not pay enough attention to what’s happening around them.

The NPR story notes with unintentional hilarity that Granholm told her going into this deal that the caravan of fancy, $100k+ EVs like the Cadillac Lyriq and Ford F-150 Lightning, along with a Chevy Bolt and other less pricey models, was likely to run into, ahem, challenges related to frequent recharging needs as it trod down into flyover country states like Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. It was there that the “challenges” with recharging became so heated that one driver of an EV felt the need to bring in the local police to enforce the law against Granholm’s advance idio…er, people.

Here’s an excerpt from the story describing the fun:

But between stops, Granholm's entourage at times had to grapple with the limitations of the present. Like when her caravan of EVs — including a luxury Cadillac Lyriq, a hefty Ford F-150 and an affordable Bolt electric utility vehicle — was planning to fast-charge in Grovetown, a suburb of Augusta, Georgia.

Her advance team realized there weren't going to be enough plugs to go around. One of the station's four chargers was broken, and others were occupied. So an Energy Department staffer tried parking a nonelectric vehicle by one of those working chargers to reserve a spot for the approaching secretary of energy.

That did not go down well: a regular gas-powered car blocking the only free spot for a charger?

In fact, a family that was boxed out — on a sweltering day, with a baby in the vehicle — was so upset they decided to get the authorities involved: They called the police.

Unbelievable. Wait beyond your turn, you flyover country serfs - EV royalty will be arriving soon and demands your space in line.

Now, you might think the police could resolve the issue in favor of the local citizen, but no: They of course have no legal authority to resolve an issue that basically amounts to the local bully cutting in the line waiting to get in to see a film about Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution.

Another excerpt:

The sheriff's office couldn't do anything. It's not illegal for a non-EV to claim a charging spot in Georgia. Energy Department staff scrambled to smooth over the situation, including sending other vehicles to slower chargers, until both the frustrated family and the secretary had room to charge.

Naturally, the NPR writer, being a good little lapdog for the DNC, minimizes the incident and credits Granholm’s staff for smoothing the situation over. She then writes another thousand words so praising Granholm for doing such a wonderful job. I suppose we should expect this person to end up working for the White House press staff soon.

She then quotes a driver who was not involved in any way, most probably because the driver who called the cops didn’t want to stick to the preferred narrative:

"It's just par for the course," he shrugged. "They'll get it together at some point."

This guy is one of those people I mentioned above who has not been paying enough attention at all to what is happening all around him. Getting this all together is not remotely the goal of any of this mass societal disruption. Forcing all the flyover country serfs to live the lives chosen for them by their betters is the goal.

If you get your “news” from NPR, you’re doing this all wrong.
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Re: From Energy Absurdity

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Another recent story of an “EV Roadtrip”
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