Crude oil blending

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Crude oil blending

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The U.S. Energy Information Administration said on Friday that crude oil blending and under-reported oil output were key reasons for recently high adjustment figures in

What is crude oil blending? Who does it and how do they account for it?
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Re: Crude oil blending

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"One of the ways for an already constrained organization, to gain a competitive edge over other candidates in the Oil & Gas industry is through ‘crude blending’ or simply stated, the process of combining different grades of crude oil in varying ratios to produce products for distribution by maximizing it’s profit margin and satisfying their customers’ daily demand without compromising the quality of product or causing any significant impact to the environment."

Refineries do it. I cannot think of one public company that is a pure Crude Oil Blending company.

This is above my pay grade.
Dan Steffens
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