CERA Week notes - March 9

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CERA Week notes - March 9

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Granholm tells CERAWeek oil and gas is needed ‘for years to come’. Forbes.
In a remarkable shift in tone from her appearance at the annual CERAWeek conference in Houston just one year ago, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm told a packed house at this year’s gathering Wednesday that “we know that oil and gas is going to remain a part of our energy mix for years to come.” She then added, “Even the boldest projections for clean energy deployment suggest that in the middle of the century we are going to be using abated fossil fuels.” Well, yes. That truth becomes increasingly obvious with every passing day - no credible projection exists that even bothers to argue the point anymore. Sec. Granholm also spoke about the need for streamlined permitting of energy projects, a focus area for more than a year now of West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, who chairs the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. “It should not take over a decade to get permitting for a transmission project on federal lands,” Granholm properly noted. < MY TAKE: More and more of the Democrats know that Biden is a Lame Duck, so they can now tell the truth. How nice would it be if the Federal government just quit lying about everything?

CERAWeek: Peak-oil fears cast shadow over US supply outlook. The Houston Chronicle.
The specter of peak oil that haunted global energy markets during the first decade of the 21st century is once again rearing its head. Major US oil producers are warning that production from one of the fastest growing sources of supply appears likely to top out by the end of the decade. ConocoPhillips and Pioneer Natural Resources Co. are among those saying the American shale-oil juggernaut soon will be a spent force as the best drilling targets are exhausted and financing new wells gets more difficult. “You see the plateau on the horizon,” ConocoPhillips Chief Executive Officer Ryan Lance said during a panel discussion at the CERAWeek by S&P Global conference in Houston on Tuesday. Once US crude production peaks around 2030, it’ll plateau for a time before commencing a decline, he added. “I wish we could get world leaders to realize that we need hydrocarbons for another 50 years,” said Pioneer CEO Scott Sheffield, who expects US production to peak in five or six years.
For more on this topic, send an email to Sabrina and ask her for the "G&R Report". Her email is energyprospectus@gmail.com

CERAWeek: US gas decarbonization role depends upon security, affordability. S&P Global.
Natural gas has been the most powerful decarbonization tool in the US for the last 15 years, and it can be a bridge to cleaner energy in other parts of the world as long as security of supply and affordability are ensured, executives said March 8. Register Now "Natural gas being produced in the US is some of the cleanest gas out there," Cheniere Energy's Scott Culberson, senior vice president of gas supply, told attendees at CERAWeek by S&P Global. As it has done in the US, gas can displace coal in other markets, but Culberson and his co-panelists at the conference outlined challenges to gas and LNG advances at home and abroad. At home, permitting reform is top of mind among gas industry executives. Chad Zamarin, Williams executive vice president of corporate strategic development, noted how quickly Germany has been able to stand up floating LNG storage and regasification infrastructure following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Speaking on the same panel, Dustin Meyer, American Petroleum Institute vice president of natural gas markets, said he sees reason to be optimistic on infrastructure permitting. Meyer cited comments earlier in the week by John Podesta, senior White House climate advisor, who described permitting reform as a "top priority" for administration officials under US President Joe Biden.
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Re: CERA Week notes - March 9

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Jennifer Granholm and John Kerry in Houston at the same time. At first when I walked out yesterday I though I smelled a methane leak. Now I know what it was.
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Re: CERA Week notes - March 9

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Kerry keeps his 20 m yacht in Newport Ri
In the summer. I didn’t see a sail on it.
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