Wind Energy is a lie

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Wind Energy is a lie

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Solar is a viable, but will always be a small percentage of the U.S. energy mix. Windmills can NEVER be a high percentage of a states energy mix unless you are willing to have rolling blackouts on a regular basis.

Read this carefully:
“In the battle between physics and platitudes, physics is undefeated.” It is a polite way of articulating that the hard realities of life must eventually be confronted, and no amount of pompous speech, deceptive statistics, or outright fabrications can overcome the laws of physics. It might take many years, involve billions in misallocated money, and cause significant social and political upheaval, but one simply cannot wish away the fundamental constraints of the universe. The global energy strategy is no exception."

Read why investing $Billions in windmills is really dumb.

My Rule: NEVER invest in any company that needs government subsidies to survive.
Dan Steffens
Energy Prospectus Group
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